Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday with Cikipedia!

I’m participating in Cikipedia’s Healthy Getaway Weekend!

My Weekly Workout Routine:

Monday: Gym and cycling
Tuesday: Total Immersion Swimming Practice
Wednesday: Gym and cycling
Thursday: Swimming
Friday: Free and easy.
Saturday: Morning hike at Gasing Hill with Splinter.
Sunday: Time with family.

Splinter cooling off at Gasing Hill

Yes.. I am a fitness freak!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I would like to invite my four mates to catch up with them at Favola, a posh Italian restaurant to catch-up on old times and current updates.

we were the '5 sekawan'.. made up of different mix of races. known them since secondary school, some since primary school. we learned and played, ate and drank, debated and wrestled, and basically got our share rewards and punishments together.

so it would be great if Le Meridien is able to provide this wining and dining treat for us to reminisce our past glory and toast to the future. cheers!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monkeying around at Bukit Melawati

Off to Bukit Melawati for a short excursion. Just a 45 minutes drive and we are there. Bought some bread for the locals too.

Be careful when feeding the locals. The nice ones plead by tugging your shirt. The naughtier ones try to sneak up from behind. Don't panic when that happens. Just pass the fella a whole slice and he will be off.

There are also some hanging on the trees. Notice the orange-haired offsprings are actually different in color from mommy. They are the silver-haired monkeys.

Here they are sitting and chilling on the railings.

Cameron Highlands - Day 3

time to pack and leave.. but not before breakfast. it was the same deal as the day before, but I opted for the Waffles Sandwich for my main today. As per descibed in the menu, 'Freshly baked waffles filled with warm butterscotch banana, topped with strawberry compote king island cream and cinammon crusted mango tempura'. Doesn't it sound and look yummy. too bad my taste buds were not functioning well, and I cant taste anything sweet sour and salty. :(

after checking out, went and get the customary strawberries for family and friends at a nearby strawberry farm. there were flowers for sale too.


Cameron Highlands - Day 2

breakfast time!! let see what Cameron Highlands Resort have in store. wow.. there is a bakery basket, fruits, juice, coffee, tea and the option to choose a main. I chose the Highland omellete - Omellete prepared with aged Brie de Meaux, smoked salmon and chives.

after that i just headed back to bed and rested almost the whole day as I was having a fever.

Cameron Highlands - Day 1

2010 started with me packing my bags to somewhere too.. ok, it was only 2 nights away to somewhere nearby, but anything requiring more than 3 sets of clothing and different pairs of shoes still excites me. So cameron highlands, here I come.

one setback though. I was struck with the flu. It started out with me sleeping the whole way up since I can't do much driving anyway as I would probably cough, sniff and sneeze all the way and spreading my virus. reached the Cameron Highlands Resort (, customary checked-in, freshen up and start hotel exploration.

Cameron Highlands Resort' Front entrance                                                                  Nice pond with koi fishes

since I felt slightly better after the snooze, signed up for the complimentary "Jim Thompson Mystery Trail".
The walk is available 10am and 3pm daily except Sundays which only have one slot at 3pm.
So do register at reception earlier and remember to wear proper shoes as there are small streams and muddy patches that you will cross. It was a nice and educational walk, as our guide was there to explain the various plants, the do's and don't to survive in a jungle and the mystery of Jim Thompson's dissapearance.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2009 recap ..

2009.. indeed a busy year. been so many places locally and abroad that this yr I have to tighten my belt a notch or two. hmm.. there was melbourne, gold coast, phuket, tokyo, pangkor laut, and those excludes local day trips and annual penang trip.

Stay tuned as I will progressively upload more bits and photos of the trips.